New! Rose’s Family Meals

Cooking for the entire family is tough when you’ve got a busy schedule. Let Rose Reisman Catering & Personal Gourmet deliver you a complete meal for 4 for just $12.50* per person! 

The meal includes:

  • Healthy entrée
  • Grain side
  • Vegetable side
  • Salad
  • Dessert

Rose Reisman Rush Hour Family Meal - Edited VEG Chickpea CurryRose Reisman Rush Hour Family Meal - Edited - Maple Soy Glaze Salmon

Order by 48 hours before the meal date. Just heat and eat for meals during the week!

Why shop, chop, and cook when we can do it all for you!

Visit for the menu and more information.

*Minimum 4 servings.


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