RRC Catering Crestwood Valley Day Camp!


Rose is excited to annouce that Rose Reisman Catering will be expanding it’s focus on healthy children’s lunches to cater Crestwood Valley Day Camp.

Healthy eating has long been Rose’s passion, having educated Canadians on nutrition and how to create delicious, well-balanced meals for over 20 years. Rose’s interest in spreading this important message stemmed from wanting to improve her own health so she could be the role model for her family. A believer in the importance of starting healthy eating habits at a young age, as well as the connection between proper nutrition and learning, Rose launched the RRC Children’s Lunch Program in 2015, serving healthy, tasty and non-processed daily lunches to schools in the GTA.

Rose Reisman Catering is excited to expand the program exclusively to Crestwood Valley Day Camp, and to break the stereotype of what is considered ‘camp food’!  Real food, done right.


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