Choose It and Lose It Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarianism is a common diet these days with approximately  4% of population or 1.5 million going meatless. There are many different reasons why people choose to eat this way:– environmental, health, animal rights.

A vegetarian diet can lower risk of heart disease, cancers, blood pressure, diabetes type 2 and arthritis. However, not all “veggie-friendly” foods are healthy. Chips & cheese pizza may be without meat but they are certainly not the healthiest! I show you which veggie options to choose & lose when eating out and buying dinners from the grocery store:



Shoeless Joe’s

Linguini Primavera

1550 cal / 98 gm fat

** equivalent to 3 classic burgers in calories**


Sonoma Flatbread

795 cal / 58 gm fat


Subway Sandwich

Egg salad (6”)

460 cal / 23 gm fat

** equivalent to 7 turkey subs in fat**


Veggie Delight (with cheese)

280 cal / 6 gm fat


Jack Astor’s

Vegetable Fajitas and BBQ Sauce

1246 calories /50 gm fat /3339 mg sodium

** equivalent to 12 medium McDonalds fries in sodium**


Veggie Burger

726 cal /42 gm fat /1640 mg sodium


President’s Choice

Mac and Cheese

920 cal / 44 gm fat / 2300 mg sodium

** equivalent to 6 Michelina’s rigatoni frozen dinners in fat**


Cannelloni (2)

440 cal / 18 gm fat / 640 mg sodium


McCain’s Frozen Pizza

3 Cheese Rising Crust Pizza (2 slices)

640 cal / 22 gm fat/1300 mg sodium

** equivalent to18 cheese mini pizza bites in fat**


Ultra Thin Crust Roasted Mushroom & Garlic Pizza (2 slices)

300 cal/ 14 gm fat / 620 mg sodium

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