Cityline – The Best Berries with Rose Reisman


Summer is the season for berries! Not only are these sweet fruits delicious, they are also nutrient-packed super foods.

Berries provide antioxidants, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help to reduce abdominal fat and inflammation, and improve memory.

A great way to get in your berries – add to cereal, Greek yogurt, smoothies, sauces and desserts.

Check out the benefits of these berries:

  • Blueberries – pack the most punch when it comes to antioxidents!
  • Strawberries – high in vitamin C; one cup equals entire day’s worth!
    • Increases collagen – fights wrinkles
    • Reduces macular degeneration
    • Folate for pregnant women – good for health of baby, including the brain and spine
  • Blackberries – High in antioxidants and fibre and contain the most vitamin C.
  • Raspberries – Great for heart and brain health

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