Holiday Appetizers on CityLine

It’s that time of year again when the festive lights and decorations are going up all over our city. It’s a joyous time as we gear up for the holiday season with friends, family and colleagues. Multiple get togethers which means food, food and more food!  Here are my tips on some appetizers you can swap to make sure you look great heading into the New Year!





6  Brie Bites

400 calories / 24 gm fat

*Equivalent to 23 pieces California rolls in FAT*


6 Mini vegetable spring rolls

240 calories / 7.5  gm fat


4 Coconut shrimp ( battered and fried)

260 calories  / 16 gm fat

*Equivalent to 1 ½ rings of shrimp ring in CALORIES*


5  Large grilled shrimp

4 calories / 0.4 gm fat




4 Chicken lollipops

360 calories / 18 gm fat

*Equivalent to ¾ thin crust McCain chicken pizza in FAT*


4  Chicken Wings  (Salt and Pepper)

200 calories  /  12 gm fat




Sticky pudding

490 calories  / 19 gm fat

*Equivalent to 13 butterscotch Jello puddings in FAT*



270 calories  / 14 gm fat





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