Holiday Hors D’oeuvres on Breakfast Television

Hors D’oeuvres are meant to be a small little finger food and appetizer before a main meal, however since they look so innocent and tiny it’s easy to lose count on how many you pop into your mouth! Just in time for those New Year’s parties Rose shows you how to Choose it and lose it when it comes to finger foods.


4  Coconut Shrimp

260 cal  / 16 gm fat

*Equivalent to 1 1/3shrimp rings in CALORIES*


5 Large Jumbo Shrimp

60 cal / 0. 5 gm fat

6 Jumbo Crispy Wings

540  cal / 48 gm fat

*Equivalent to  1 ½  lb deli chicken breast slices in CALORIES*


6 Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

300 cal / 18 gm fat

6 Cheese Bites in Puff Pastry

400 cal / 24 gm fat


*Equivalent to 3 ½ California rolls in FAT*

6 Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls

240 cal / 7.5  gm fat


4 Chicken Lollipops

360  cal / 18 gm fat


*Equivalent to ¾ McCain pizza in FAT*

4  Chicken Satays

120  cal /  1 gm fat



6 Mini Franks in Pastry

400 calories / 22 g fat

*Equivalent to 18 oz eye of round steak FAT*


6 Mini Bacon Wrapped Filet

240 cal / 16 gm fat


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