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Do you notice your energy drops in the afternoon and you’re faced with a snack attack? Well it’s important to make sure you’re eating the right snacks that fill you up and stay within your daily calorie intake. Rose grades some of the most popular snacks on CityLine and suggests some healthier options. Do your snacking habits get an A, B or a C?




A good for you snack is one that’s high in nutritional value (proteins,vitamins, minerals, fiber) but relatively low in calories, total fat, saturated fat (no trans fat), sugar and sodium.

Not so healthy snack choices are usually low in nutritional value but high in calories, total fat, saturated fat (and sometimes trans fat), sugars or sodium.

The best way to get an idea of what’s in a food product is by looking at the first three to five ingredients listed on the package.


  • Snacking can make up around 1/3 of our daily calories (approximately 600)
  • If you snack “right” you will have more energy, nutrients and better health
  • If you snack “wrong” you will lack energy have fatigue, weight gain and high blood sugar levels
  • Snacking between meals is the key to prevent hunger and maintain a healthy body weight
  • Snacks that contain lean protein, fibre and healthy fats is ideal
  • Try your best to avoid those snacks with excess sodium, sugar and saturated fats



Grade “A” Snacks:

  • Cottage cheese,  string cheese, greek yogurt, pistachios, edamame,  high fibre cereal (All Bran/Fibre One) and milk, oranges and avocados



Grade “B” Snacks:

  • Low fat popcorn, natural peanut butter,  oatmeal, yogurt with sweeteners, dark chocolate (70% or higher and only one or two squares!) protein bars (3 gm high fiber, 5 gm high protein/20 gm less sugar)


Grade “C” Snacks:

  • Chocolate, granola bars,  crackers, rice cakes and tortilla crisps, trail mix, granola, gold fish crackers and pretzels


“F” Snacks or more like Forget about it!

  • Fruit snacks, pudding cups, candy and anything filled with sugar and saturated fats









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