Unique Passover Recipes on Canada AM

Check out Rose’s unique Passover recipes on Canada AM!

This year Passover begins Friday, April 22 and ends April 30th. We all know the classic recipes – matza ball soup and gefilte fish to name a few – but what else can you make with matza? Rose cooked up some tasty and unique Passover recipes, from mains to desserts, that the whole family will love. Check out her segment on Canada AM for recipes – from Matza Pizza, Matzo Nachos, Roasted Bell Pepper Lasagna, “Hello Dolly” Matzo Bars, Toffee Matzo Bark and more!


Rose Reisman Passover Recipe Huevos Rancheros Matzo Rose Reisman Passover Recipes Huevos Rancheros Matzo Rose Reisman Passover Recipe Matza Pizza Rose Reisman Passover Recipe Roasted Bell Pepper Lasagna

Rose Reisman Passover Recipes Matza Bark and Hello Dolly Matza Bar Rose Reisman Passover Recipes Passover Granola


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