Deep Fried Foods on CityLine

Deep frying has become a popular trend however you can still eat delicious food without deep frying it! Watch as Rose shows you how to Choose It and Lose It with your favourite deep fried foods!





Sweet potato fries (340 gm)

710 cal / 38 g fat

*Equivalent to 8 mini fries McDonalds in FAT*


Baked sweet potato fries

240 cal /  6 gm fat ( 4 wedges)


Beer battered fish and chips

1100 Cal / 63 gm fat

*Equivalent to 1 ¾ lb cod in CALORIES*


Panko crusted Basa with home fries

425 cal / 9 gm fat


Golden calamari (330 g)

700 cal / 45 gm fat

*Equivalent to a small classic super pizza (with pepperoni!) from Pizza Pizza in FAT*


Grilled calamari

300 cal  / 12 gm fat



Chicken fingers (5 pieces – 200g)

600 cal / 31 gm fat

*Equivalent to 2 quarter chicken dinners with fresh vegetable medley from Swiss Chalet in FAT*


Baked chicken fingers

324 cal / 12 gm fat


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