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With the Olympics having finished up recently and St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we often find ourselves celebrating over a pint and plate of nachos with our friends in the local pub. All that good cheer can add up – if we’re eating out regularly, it can lead to up to 12 extra pounds a year! Next time you find yourself dining pub-style, make sure to examine your choices carefully. Watch as Rose Reisman shows Tracy Moore which pub grub options to choose and which to lose!


Loaded Nachos

2560 cal / 197 gm fat

*Equivalent to 1 ½ cup lard in calories*


Beef Sliders

816 cal / 49 gm fat



Spinach, Artichoke, & Goat Cheese Dip and Naan Bread

1140 cal / 52 gm fat

*Equivalent to 2 cups hummus in calories*



468 cal / 21 gm fat



Fried Chicken Sandwich

1277 cal / 82 gm fat

*Equivalent to 6 breaded chicken subs in fat*


Steak Sandwich with Mushroom & Onions

697 cal / 34 gm fat





Bangers and Beans Mashed Potatoes

1536 cal / 95 gm fat

*Equivalent to 8 Pogos hot dogs in calories*


Chicken Fingers & Fries with Plum Sauce

730 cal / 43 gm fat

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