Snacking Report Card on Breakfast Television

We’re obsessed with snacks, often with it making up 1/3 of our daily calories (Approx. 600). Grazing throughout the day can be great – if you do it right. Smart snacking means you have energy, are taking in important nutrients and have better health. Do it wrong – you have lack of energy, fatigue, weight gain and high blood sugar levels. Do your favourite snacks make the grade?



Snacking between meals is the key to preventing hunger and maintaining a healthy body weight. A snack containing lean protein, fibre and healthy fats is the magic bullet. Avoid those with excess sodium, sugar and saturated fats.


Are you chowing down on honour role snacks or are your snacks flunking out?





Cottage cheese,  string cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, nuts, high fibre cereal, whole wheat bread, crackers, steel cut oatmeal, avocados, peanut butter, edamame, fruits, vegetables, popcorn






Packaged popcorn, protein bars, 70% chocolate, pure juice, dried fruit, packaged oatmeal, baked tortillas and salsa






Yogurt with sweeteners, juice with sugar, granola bars, peanut butter, Goldfish crackers, crackers,  processed cheese,  pretzels, fried tortillas and cheese sauce and ranch dip, white bagel, white bread, Kraft dinner, Hamburger Helper, pizza







Forget About It!

Fruit roll ups, pudding cups, candy, cookies, croissant, pop, energy drinks, Lunchables


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